Monday, December 22, 2014

Chapter 7, Production Kickoff

Alright, it's time to put on the drawing glove, fire up Photoshop and... well, ok - of course I will have a break over Christmas first. BUT the preliminary version of Chapter 7 is finished and production will begin right after the Holidays. As you can see, Chapter 7 is way shorter than Chapter 6 and even a little bit shorter than Chapter 5. However, don't worry, there's enough happening in this chapter and due to it's moderate length I'm optimistic to finish it until late March/early April 2015.

Normally I would announce the chapter title at this point but I haven't quite made up my mind about it just yet. There're several candidates and I want to give it a little bit more time before I decide on the title.

So, another year is going to wrap up soon. Next year at this time the Wormworld Saga will have its 5-year-anniversary. Since 4 years I'm creating this graphic novel now and during that time I've hardly done anything else besides it. This blog started as the blog of back in 2009 but since 2011 most postings here have hovered around the Wormworld Saga. While that's basically ok, I feel the urge to stir things up a little bit.

Maybe it's a typical end-of-the-year-thing but lately I  had the feeling that I lacked a place where I could express things that are not related to the Wormworld Saga. I've pretty much stopped to participate in online forums and the blog isn't the right place to post small things like individual artworks or inspirational links. Therefore I've set up a new Facebook page where I'm going to post all the stuff that I don't feel appropriate for the Wormworld Saga Fanpage:

If you don't use Facebook you can follow my updates via where I've implemented a post feed:

Alright, now let's all have a relaxed time over the Holidays! I'll be back with Wormworld Saga production updates early next year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


  1. I look forward to the next chapter

  2. I'm a 12 year old girl, who was introduced to your book last year with my class. We read 1 tiny section. Of course, class reading was slow so I went home and finished the first 6 chapters. Today I found your 7th and read the book all over again. I really hope you finish the 8th chapter early, or I might not get to it, until NEXT year! You have a wonderful imagination and I am looking forward to see what you'll be thinking up next.

  3. You´re doing great work here. Thank you!

  4. Hi Mr. Lieske I discovered your graphic novel by accident and it brought back a lot of memories as well as inspiration for me.

    When I was in junior high the name of my very first girlfriend was Raya. (She was Indian) I am an author of a developing graphic novel as well and the Wormworld Saga has inspired me to add a special insert into an already broad-spanning epic set during the War Against Japanese Occupation in China from 1937-1945.

    The character's name is Xue Lang, a former pipeline welder with the Shaanxi Oil Corp. who became a guerrilla fighter against the Chinese KMT government after his beloved Indian wife passed away from an illness that was fully curable, except for the fact that the tyrannical KMT had confiscated Xue Lang's property and financial assets for their war against the Communists, leaving him despondent and with no way to obtain medicine to treat his ailing wife.

    Now, as one of the most deadliest gunmen in China's western frontier, Xue Lang is on his way to Chongqing to assassinate President Chiang Kai-Shek, the leader of the KMT regime, when he gets caught up with another band of mounted gunfighters who were locked in a life-and-death struggle against the advancing Japanese army, which had invaded China just a few years ago. He turns this ragtag band into a fearsome Texas Ranger-styled militia which waged a brutal, deadly and efficient campaign of destruction against the Japanese, and the KMT at the same time.

    This section is just an insert that blends into my much larger scale graphic novel, which is also already published and still growing, and I intend it as a tribute to my first girlfriend, to the Wormworld Saga, and to my most favorite combat handgun in the world, the Colt M1911-A1, which I own a pair of.

  5. I really want to read the next chapter I can't wait