Friday, October 10, 2014

Kickstarter Bottom Line

Two days after the recent kickstarter campaign had closed we started into a three week vacation in Spain. My wife has family there and we were looking forward to show them the new baby that was born in January. We had a great time and just returned yesterday.

I desperately needed this off-time after the exhausting months that were preceding it. The home stretch to finish Chapter 6 had been a lot of work and the four weeks of the kickstarter campaign really had given me the rest. The campaign was an overwhelming experience. The final number of backers - just over 1000 - and the result of the funding - $44K - totally blew me away. The last 48 hours of the campaign, in which over $9000 were pledged, were absolutely mind-blowing. The final minutes of the campaign have been broadcasted as a live event on Google Hangouts. A recording of the event is available and you might be interested in the answers I gave to the participating people and there's a small studio tour at the end of the video, too.

Even with three weeks distance now it's hard for me to comprehend what happened during this kickstarter campaign. What I know is, that the success of the first English Wormworld Saga book will have a very positive effect on the whole project. I finally see a chance to bring continuity to the production and to work on new chapters without interruptions. That would be a wonderful achievement and more than I could ever have dreamed of.

You know that a vacation has been effective when at the end of it you become eager to return home and start working again. The kickstarter campaign has created a LOT of work for me and the production of Chapter 7 is also bound to start soon. I'm really looking forward to the English books and especially the clothbound Deluxe Edition that we've achieved to unlock. It will be a great feeling to send out the books to over 1000 backers and to know that those books will help to further spread the word about the Wormworld Saga.


  1. It's inspiring to read about your kickstarter journey, but I'm not surprised by your success. You're project is pretty amazing and I hope to do half as well when I launch my own Dickstarter for soon!

    How many books are going to be in your saga?

    1. Woah, sorry. I should have proofread. I meant to type KICKSTARTER with a K, not that strange D word!

  2. So I just found out about your book, is it still possible to get an english version of the book even though the campaign has finished?

  3. Same question as the reader above me... I completely missed the kickstarter but am definitely interested in getting my hands on a physical edition of the wormworld saga story. Will it be available in a retail or online store somewhere or is it only for kickstarter backers?

  4. The goal of the kickstarter was to print a first edition of about 4000 books. All books that are not needed to fulfill the rewards of the 1071 kickstarter backers will later be on sale in the Wormworld Shop and most likely even in Amazon.

  5. > the four weeks of the kickstarter campaign really
    > had given me the rest.

    So you were well-rested? ;) Your native tongue really shows on that error, maybe you should clarify that.

    Nichts für ungut,