Monday, August 11, 2014

Chapter 6 Release on Sunday, August 17th

Finally I can announce to you the launch date of Chapter 6 of the Wormworld Saga:

Sunday, August 17th, 10pm German time

I've installed a countdown on the website again to make it more easy for you to find out when exactly the launch will happen in your timezone.

I'm pretty excited about the launch already but I've also got some stuff to do before I'm actually ready for it. The translations aren't finalized yet and I've got to layout them as soon as they are finished. I've also got to create the special content and there're also some final adjustments to do on the kickstarter campaign. But I'm completely confident that I'm able to tackle those tasks before the launch and that we finally will have Chapter 6 on Sunday.

I'm also going to do a little experiment on this launch. I've setup a live video-broadcast on Google Hangouts which will start 30 minutes before the launch. The idea is to give everyone, who wants to follow the launch live, a place to hang out while waiting and I will keep the broadcast live for 1,5 hours after the launch so that you will be able to give me some feedback right after reading the new chapter. Have a look at the link! You can sign up for participation and you can already start to post questions there.

And then there's also some less enjoyable news to share:

It currently looks like I won't be able to publish the new chapter in the Wormworld Saga App. The issue is a little too complicated to explain it here right away and I will make a proper blog post about the matter after the launch. I just want to let you know that if you are eager to see the special content that comes with Chapter 6, the only way to access it in foreseeable time is to join The Attic. I'm really sorry about that and I promise to give you more information about it soon!

That's it for now. I'm going to be busy with wrapping everything up and on Sunday we'll all be able to sit back, relax a little bit and have a nice read!


  1. Hallo Daniel,

    mit deinem Timer scheint was nicht zu stimmen :)
    Mir zeigt er noch 18 Tage an. Dabei kann ich es doch gar nicht mehr erwarten. :(

    1. Du musst die Seite mal manuell refreshen. Kann sein, dass noch eine alte Version des Scripts geladen wird.

  2. Is raising questions on hangout only possible with a Google+ login? But reading/viewing is open to anyone? Ralf

  3. Das wäre mal eine schöne Chance für die IMHO vernachlässigten Attic-Member gewesen: ein paar Tage Frühstart für das neue Kapitel vor dem Rest. Naja.

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