Friday, March 7, 2014

Chapter 6, Milestone 1 reached!

Alright, the first milestone of Chapter 6 has been reached! The first 20% of the chapter are illustrated now and it took me a little bit less than three weeks to do that. That's lying within the timeframe I've expectated for a chapter as huge as this one.

It's such a good feeling to start once more into this adventure and to see the journey of Jonas and Raya unfold. I have to admit that it wasn't too easy for me to start my work on the first panel though. It's been nearly one full year since I've finished the last panel of Chapter 5 (on March 24th, 2013) and it felt a little bit unfamiliar at first. However, when the first panel was finished it all came back to me and I enjoyed this first 20% of this chapter enormously. Unfortunately I obviously can't talk much about what's happening in the chapter but it certainly is no secret that in the beginning Jonas and Raya are still on the transport ship. I loved to paint all the different people in the background and I even started to tell little stories with them that you most likely won't even see in the standard version of the graphic novel because a lot of it will be covered up by word balloons. However, I really enjoyed putting these little extras in there and I'm already looking forward to entering the big city of Kingspeak where even more people will be running around.

As always there's a sneak preview of this milestone for you:

 Aboard the transport ship, Jonas and Raya face an unpleasant surprise.
A NEW thing is that there now exists The Attic, a place where the most generous people on the planet gather, discover all sorts of exclusive material about the Wormworld Saga, and regularly support the project with a small subscription fee. To give you an additional incentive to join this group of fine people, from now on you'll find additional preview images with every milestone update in The Attic.

Ok, the next milestone will be delayed by at lest a week because once again I'm traveling to Graz, Austria to record new video trainings for Video2Brain. Although I'm generally not fond of delaying production, I'm really looking forward to that trip. And if you happen to be located in the vincinity of Linz, Austria, you might like to visit the Nextcomic Festival on which I will appear on Staturday, March 22nd to give a presentation about the Wormworld Saga on stage. I'd love to meet some fans from Austria and talk to them! And I'd be more than happy to sign anything you happen to bring with you.

Ok, on to the next milestone then!


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  2. Hooray! Keep it up. Love your work - so inspiring. :)

  3. keep it up! Love to see more of your amazing work, Daniel :)!

  4. In case you need any encouragement (who doesn't?) I have just re-read the whole thing so far and it's....delightful! Looking forward to the next chapter Daniel

  5. Great job, looking forward to the new chapter!
    Happy you succeded in funding it.

    As a member of the Attic, I would gladly pay a higher yearly fee, if it meant that you be able to do your beautifull art!

  6. The use of light in your art is very beautiful. I think the story is appealing to many people due to references to ones own childhood memories. Maybe in the course of the story Jonas can have a few flashbacks/memories of experiences he gathered in the real world?

  7. i forgot how the story was! :l but i enjoyed it really much. gj man thanks for that experience!

  8. The visuals are amazing! I am loving the story as well. I love how you blend each page into one big slide. The world you have created is wonderful. A cluster planetary system. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    I would love to get your insight on my first amateur attempt at a digital comic.

  9. Great work, love it