Thursday, June 6, 2013

RPC and Video Training News

Our cosy Wormworld Saga space at the RPC 2013
We've brought all products from the Wormworld Shop to the RPC
Note the little boy with the custom made 'Eyes of the Olynx' vest!
I made a drawing in each and every book that was sold!

The RPC Fantasy Award is the first big Award the Wormworld Saga  has won.

I thought I'd share some impressions from the 'Role Play Convention' in Cologne with you. It was a great event that was held in two large halls of the Cologne tradeshow center. My wife and I were invited by Tokyopop to join their booth with a small Wormworld Saga corner and we brought the full range of Wormworld Shop products with us. I signed books and had interesting talks with fans and other exhibitors. At Saturday night I attended the RPC Fantasy Awards stage show as the Wormworld Saga was nominated in the comics category. The book was awarded the first price which made me very happy because the price is voted by the audience. By Sunday noon we were sold out of all books the publisher had brought to the event which gave us a very good feeling when we traveled home in the afternoon.

In other news:

Video2Brain has published the first of the three new training courses that I recorded in April. The course is in German language. My English training videos have successfully migrated to and are available there from now on. Here are the links:


  1. That workshop looks pretty interesting.
    I don't have the money for it right now though. I do love watching the process of other artists though. I still need to get mine down, im all over the place when drawing, illustrating. I really need to get you a fan art soon. Im tied up right now doing images for a friends kickstarter for his game. :P

  2. Oops, nevermind, I wouldn't understand what you were talking about haha. I missed the part where you said it was all in German.

    Congrats on the first place prize on your book at the show though.

  3. Congratulations on your first award. I hope it is the first of many.

  4. Is it possible that the information about you on is wrong? I think they confused your nickname and the name of the Digital Art Forum.

  5. Same info on the video2brain site:

  6. Well it's not directly wrong but it's outdated information. Until 2006 the 'digitalartforum' was called 'digitaldecoy forum'. Yeah, I guess I should send them an info to update the text. Thanks for pointing me at it!


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