Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chapter 5, Milestone 4 reached!

Today I've reached the 80% mark of the Chapter 5 final artwork production. I feel happy to have reached that mark and I'm looking forward to the last 20% which will include some very challenging artwork for me. I'm super pumped about finishing this chapter now! The editing process for the German and English version is nearly finished and I've already done some important steps towards a new website design for At the side, my wife, my brother in law and I are busy doing the finishing touches on the new Wormworld Shop which we now plan to launch together with Chapter 5. There's a release date forming which I can't announce officially yet (there are still some uncertainties about it) but currently it's pretty save to say that we will see the release of everything this month. It's about time!

And here's the preview artwork of this milestone:

As you can see, our adventurers make camp and, sitting at the sunstone bowl, they find some time to talk. I always love these "campfire talks" in adventure stories. They give the characters great opportunites to express their believes and mental conditions (remember the campfire scene of "Indiana Jonas and the Temple of Doom"?). And there's a LOT for Jonas and Raya to talk about after everything that happend in Chapter 4. As a positive side effect, this milestone was about 20 hours less work than the preceding ones because in dialog scenes I can reuse a lot of artwork in the backgrounds as the camera switches back and forth between the characters.

Well, it looks like the next milestone update will happen at the finish line. Can't wait to reach that!


  1. hehe, it's Indiana Jones, not Indiana Jonas.
    Or are you showing what motivates you? :D

  2. Haha, perfect typo, isn't it. I'm not even going to edit it. :)

  3. My birthday is tomorrow! And I was hoping to get a new update before then so this worked out perfectly! I'm not sure if you ever mentioned before but do you already know about how many chapters this full story will be?

  4. @ Jason:

    Well, happy birthday then! Concerning your question: the story spine that's the base of the Wormworld Saga spans over three big parts (three journeys) and my current estimation is, that each of those parts will consist of about 20 chapters.

    1. Oh boy! That is very promising :)

    2. Thank you very much. Wow, i was not expecting that much, but it's actually even more exciting that way. I'm so into this that I was wanting a much larger scope, but I talked myself down thinking it would just be a small story. I'm very glad to hear it's going to expand considerably!

  5. @ Ivan:

    Well, I've also experienced the exact opposite reaction from people when I talked about the scope of the project. Some people have objections against long story structures and they will only buy a book if the series is finished. And especially publishers are sceptical about long stories. I guess in both cases it's based on the fear that the story might not be finished. Ridiculously, if a story is popular, those same publishers can't get enough installments of it...

  6. I adore long story structures and always feel really sad when a series ends. I've followed many that spanned for many years and it's always bittersweet when they end. So I'm very glad this will be going on for a while! I'll always have something to look forward to. :)

  7. Warum gibt es eigentlich keine iPhone-App?
    Eine IPad gibt es ja.

    Ich würde mich freuen wenn sich das einrichten lässt.


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