Friday, July 20, 2012

Chapter 4, Milestone 2 reached!

Today I've finished the second milestone of the Chapter 4 final artwork production. It was a huge milestone with nearly 70 hours of work that went into it. I anticipated that because I've got some pretty big and detailed backgrounds in this one. That's fine, I'm only 4 days behind schedule which will most likely be compensated by the next three milestones which are all interiour scenes and threfore will be much more easy to illustrate.

I'm totally in adventurer mode now. There has been one specific panel in this milestone that perfectly illustrates my feelings:

Jonas having fun exploring the ruined city of Ankal Aasha

I simply love the setting Jonas explores in this chapter and in my mind I'm right behind him climbing the overgrown ruins of Ankal Aasha. I can literally feel the humidity in the air and the bright sun shining on my face (it's raining since weeks here in Germany by the way...) And just to share my joy with you I'm going to be extra generous with preview images today. Enjoy!

deeper into the jungle
what will our heroes find in the jungle city?
Excerpts from some larger panels
In milestone 3 I will now enter the realm of Janaka Jiiva inside the ruins which I can't wait to explore. And slowly we're coming closer to the release of the chapter which is still scheduled for the end of August. So, you just have to wait a little bit longer until you can follow Jonas on his adventure!


  1. Can't wait - looking great!

    I would really love to view and buy your comic through the Android App, but I'm having problems with it. I't doesn't look as it's supposed to.

    I've just purchased my ASUS Infinity tab running Android 4.0 with a ressolution of 1920 × 1200. Is this my problem?

    1. The Android version should run without problems on an Android 4.0 device. I'd like to suggest that you send me an email to with a brief description of your problem (screenshots if avaialable) and I'll forward it to the developers.

  2. Daniel,

    Excellent work as usual. It's clear your work is meant for the web and mobile platforms. And of course we've heard your intention for print. However, just wondering if your work process allows for repurposing to further mediums? In theory, if you've kept your layers intact, WW could be made into a "motion comic" (known in past years as limited animation)via Afterfx and Photoshop. I ask this question because I went to a test screening of an animated film just last night. This film was 3d big budget and financed by a major company. I literally fell asleep during the screening because the story wasn't very good. Which would seem impossible as the popcorn and soda were free for my son and I:-) It looked great though!

    My point being, WW is captivating. Consider it.

  3. *Que Indian Jones music* I can't wait to my mouse arrow scrolling through this new chapter. Beautiful images Daniel, thanks for sharing.

  4. oh my god ! the love you put into your work is just .. it takes my breath away! As always I wish the best of luck with Wormworld saga!!!:)

  5. These previews are so awesome! Can't wait for the release! Keep up the good job!

  6. Hey Daniel, your technique is amazing! i have learned alot because of them, your tutorials and your process are beaultiful and easy to understand! and they are capable to do, this is really important, isnt just a 'tutorial', it is almost a class room with you (: hehe, congratulations for your amazing work, they really inspire me, my skills has increased and thanks to you I can understand a lot of things hehe, I'm 20 now, and I have my own blog, with my illustrations and sketches. I did a post for you, talking about you and thanking you a loT! Please, if you can, visit it ( ). Cya and sorry for my bad english, I m learning ^^, hugs from Brazil o/ !

  7. I cannot wait to read the the new chapter! :)
    It's really impressive your art project; great work, big success ...maybe in few years someone will ask you the license to produce the movie! ;)

  8. I copied your idea. I'm going to use it in my film but I won't credit you because the way you presented the idea was dull and unappealing. Jonas is an underdeveloped, horrible character. The concept is laughable and utterly unoriginal.

    I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm being harsh, but the publishers will be much worse.

    By the way, thanks for the idea.


    Dietrich Goff

    1. You are free to leave your critique here on the blog but I have deleted the link to your own blog in the comment below. The comments section here is not meant for search engine optimization.

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