Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chapter 3, Milestone 3 reached!

Alright, things ran a lot smoother with this third milestone of Chapter 3. It contained a lot more smaller panels than the average milestone and I had less work with the backgrounds. I was able to finish this one in 8,5 workdays, which is pretty much what I'm aiming at in general (my goal is to accomplish a milestone in less than two weeks = 10 workdays). However, this is not to say that this  milestone wasn't special for me. In fact I'm not able to show you very much from the third milestone because I introduced two new characters in it and there's a lot of action and dialog going on. So, for this milestone it's only one panel that I can share:

I really like this one because it communicates the movement pretty well, I think. It also makes for a nice color composition from an abstract standpoint.

Now, next week we enter April and the release of Chapter 3 is getting really close. I'm optimistic that 4 weeks will be enough for me to finish the last two milestones. I have already finished the texts and they will go out to the translators within the next few days. I'll throw in some extra hours in order to get the layout and the special content for the app ready in time and I think we can all look forward to a late April release of Chapter 3. It's going to be SO exciting to get this one out!

Now, back to work!


  1. Awesome! Cant wait for this. Still can't believe its happening so fast. Good work

  2. woah! i really like the preview. awesome!

  3. Glad to see everything is working out as you planned it. Judging by the previews, Chapter 3 should be nothing less than spectacular! Still thoroughly enjoying the first two and all the great in-App extras!