Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chapter 2, Milestone 3 reached!

And there it is - Milestone3! As you can see, my Wacom stylus is glowing red hot as I managed to reach the 60% mark in 1,5 weeks. That's the way it's supposed to work! It's pretty save to say that milestone 4 will be reached way before the end of November and that I'll finish my work on the final artwork of Chapter 2 early in December. That would give me enough time to prepare the special content for the App and handle the essential translations.

It really wasn't easy to choose the preview panels for this update because nearly every panel of this milestone contains major spoilers. Out of the over 20 panels I really only had the choice between 4 or 5 panels that I can show you. I chose a big panel that isn't a spoiler right away but which shows Jonas exploring unfamiliar ground:

And here's another panel that doesn't spoil anything but gives a hint on the plot. Is someone getting suspicious here?

And I'm right off to work on the next milestone!


  1. This looks awesome! I am putting one of your prints on my Christmas wishlist :D

  2. Wow, you really get a feel of the space in the first preview, and the camera angle on the second one is really well chosen! Can`t wait!
    Congrats on reaching the third milestone!

  3. Alter Schwede... sieht das gut aus! Alle Bilder transportieren wirklich sehr sehr viel Atmosphäre! Freue mich auf Chp. 2 !!


  4. Great panels, i would love to be spoiled ! ;-)

    Did you get any news from the developer with regards to the Android App? It's very quite since the Ipad App has been online...

  5. hi Daniel, Nice to see your progress.
    I wanted to ask you something for some time.
    Do you think that some kind of a template can be done for each chapter that would save your time with the translations. I myself had made a translation in Bulgarian a year ago but since there were a lot of things happening this year I really understand that every minute you have is precious. I myself am an illustrator and have pretty good knowledge in Photoshop. I cold myself just arrange the text on its place and by this let you only copy the layers to your full resolution file without so much work. But something like a template that would have the layer effects used on the fonts (probably not the fonts them self if they are payed by you)would be a + saved time for you. Of course i understand that not everyone would be able to edit such files and it might bring some compositional problems about how the text should be placed and how the text balloons must be edited but you might consider it. Again... I can not miss an opportunity to encourage you in your doings cause I feel your work really dear to my heart. So good luck in everything that awaits you Daniel.

  6. @ All: Thanks for your comments!

    @ Sebastian:

    We originally planned to release the Android version at the end of October but there were some hickups at the developer and also the announcement of the new Amazon Kindle Fire changed our focus a bit. However, the Android app will be released before the next chapter comes up and since this is only a few weeks from now we shouldn't have to wait too long for it. I'm as eager as you to see the Android release happen!

    @ I Berov:

    The fact that I'm not able to process the translations that already exist in text form is one of the things that bothers me without end. Your Bulgarian translation isn't the only one that's sitting on the desk waiting. Especially for the upcoming chapters I will have to figure this out as I really want to publish each and every translation that is so generously provided by fans. I will address this topic within the next weeks in it's own blog post.

  7. @ Daniel Lieske
    I will be more than glad to help with that work really. Don't hesitate to contact me.
    I'm also sure that many others would want to participate too but they don't feel comfortable to ask you that. I myself had been writing this sort of offer at least two times now but because of one or another reason I was too not feeling comfortable bothering you with this. It was pretty busy year for you. I can assure you that anything concerning wormworld is a nice spend time especially if it has a meaningful purpose.
    I think you have my mail if not you can find me here : ivan[at]berovbros[dot]com

  8. can't wait for the next chapter and the Android app. I check this blog almost every day.

  9. hmmm
    for me it seems that the hint is that the cat is going to lead him to find the enchanted world. =P
    hehe just guessing something for fun. cant wait for the new chapter! will it be out before christmas? it would be a nice gift =)

  10. Im a Fan of those Milestone-"Finish-o-Meter"-Cartoons!

  11. Can't wait to see the finished second chapter!! With regards to those translations, I'll be happy to help with the Spanish one again. Just drop me a line if I can be of help.

  12. Your drawing style really so cute. I am waiting to see second chapter :) Woooow... it will be publsided soon I think?