Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wormworld Saga App Homescreen WIP

Finally I'm able to give you an update on my Wormworld Saga progress! On the weekends I'm quite busy with cropping, stamping and signing all the prints for the kickstarter rewards:

here you see merely 50 of the over 700 prints I've already prepared

During the week I'm working on the Wormworld Saga App now. My current task is to create the illustration for the homescreen where you browse the chapters. I want to start the app with a spectacular effect and therefore I have designed a three screens high illustration which the camera will pan down while titles are faded in and out. At the end of the pan you land directly inside Jonas' secret headquarters where you'll find a coverflow-like list of all available chapters. I will show you the screen design as soon as it is ready. For now I'm quite busy with creating the illustration. I've just finished the drawing which alone took me close to six hours:

You really have to love attics and perspective drawing in order to not become crazy drawing something like this, I guess. The scenery is very close to the last panel of chapter one but it's a completely new illustration with a much lower point of view. And instead of making it a night scene, I will create a gloomy day scene with bright sunlight pouring through the little windows and the crevices between the roof tiles. Think of a dark and dusty attic with bright islands of light. I'm really looking forward to finishing this illustration. It's the place where Jonas starts his adventures and it will become the place where the reader of the app will start his adventure, too.

I'll keep you updated on my progress!


  1. Wow! Looks great so far, man. Can't wait for the app to be out! ;P

  2. I'm really looking forward to the app and its functionality. Is it going to be a native iPhone app?

  3. We are still looking into the possibility to release an app for phones. At the moment, it's planned for tablet devices only.

  4. Great drawing and i am looking for the colored Version. I can imagine how fantastic the mood will be when daylight floods into the dark attic.

    How did you construct the perspective? Did you use 3D?

  5. Nope, plain old drawing with 3 vanishing points this time!

  6. Ach schade, nur Tablets? T.T Für MacBooks auch nicht, oder?

    Im Übrigen: Awesome! Bin echt gespannt wie es dann mit Farbe wirkt^^