Thursday, November 4, 2010

Digitalartconvention 2010

I'm the admin of a german digital art online community and every year we have a convention (normally in Frankfurt). We had three wonderful days of creativity and inspiration and I want to share a small video with you in which community member Caccaduu has collected some impressions from this year's event.

Caccaduu is also known under the name of Kemane Bâ and he is hell of a creative mind. Illustration, animation, music and film - he does everything with passion and his results are always a joy to watch. You should definitely take a lok at his blog at:

And in case you're wondering what all these updates are about when instead I should be busy working on the Wormworld Saga I can appeace you: I'm sitting at the last panel right now so expect the next update really soon!


  1. Danke für die Einblicke =) Sieht nach Spass aus. Leider immer viel zu weit weg =/

  2. Hahaha, I love the guy driving the Sackkarre in the end *g*