Friday, August 6, 2010


Work on the Wormworld Sage graphic novel didn't go too smooth in July. We had some terribly hot days in Germany and when I came home and had barely survided the workday I wasn't able to sit in front of my own computer and work even more. Also, there were a lot of social events last month which all demanded their part of my time. However, I managed to work at least 12 hours on the graphic novel and have now reached the 70% mark. I'm in the middle of milestone 4 so to say and now I'm taking three weeks of vacation from the project and from life in general.

I'm traveling to Spain to where the family of my wife lives and I'm going to gather some energy for the rest of the year. I'm a bit exhausted from the year so far and although I think that I generally managed to keep a balance between my life, my job and my private projects, the vacation comes just at the right time. I'm taking my sketchbook with me so prepare for a big load of sketches in the next update! I'm looking forward to visiting some of my favorite places in northern Spain which have been a huge inspiration for my work in the past.

For this update I have chosen a panel that fits the occasion perfectly. Jonas leaves for the summer holidays and he's taking a moment to reflect on the things that lie behind him and on those that lie before him. Some very exciting things are going to happen but right now it's time for a pause.

Ok, I'm off then! See you in September!


  1. Oh wow. Great picture. I always love the lighting in your pictures :)

  2. There is such a richness and depth to the scenes you do - am very excited about the graphic novel :D Hope the vacation is awesome!


  3. Very nice lighting and mood, once more.
    Have a nice vacation!

  4. Sehr schönes Bild! Freue mich sehr auf den fertigen Comic.
    Frisch zurückgekehrt aus Schweden wollten wir Euch noch einen guten und erholsamen Urlaub wünschen. Vielleicht bis bald und liebe Grüße von Daniela und Ingo

  5. Great Work! great color and great atmosphere in your work. Keep it up!

  6. This is amazing, mind sharing how you do the perspective/straight lines in Photoshop? Not being able to do straight lines easily to create buildings really stops me from using PS for my comic work.

  7. Oh großartige Artworks und ich ich bin so gespannt, wenn du die 100% Marke erreicht hast. Bisher war jedes einzelne Bild eine Perle. Wenn alle Bilder in der Graphic Novel diese Qualität haben verneige ich mein Haupt!!!

  8. I saw these Japanese illustrations over at Pink Tentacle and thought you'd like to see them. They have a somewhat similar treatment as your own work:

    Enjoy the holiday :)

  9. Thanks everybody for your comments!

    @ DanHale

    I draw most of my lines freehand in Photoshop. It's a bit tricky with the tablet but I got used to it. And since Photoshop CS4 you can rotate the canvas. Additionally I like to use the path tool to create lines that have to be super accurate. I do most of my perspective constructings with paths. Maybe I find some time to put a small video tutorial together.

    @ Wayne Taylor:

    Thanks for the link! I draw a lot of inspiration from Japanese Anime backgrounds and these are definitely inspiring, too.

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