Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do you remember that feeling?

I bet you didn't expect the next update so fast, did you? Well, I just happened to have finished a panel that I was looking forward to right from the beginning of the project and I wanted to share it with you directly. :)

I hereby admit that I tend to get nostalgic about childhood. Well, big surprise. However, the Wormworld Saga will get a good share of this sentiment, especially in the first two chapters. There are several key memories that transport that feeling especially well for me personally. One of these memories is about car rides over long distances. It's a special atmosphere in these memories. The sunset, the humming of the car engine, the muted music from the radio. Time seemed to stand still on these journeys. Interestingly this also happens to be a favorite panel of my wife. It looks like she also remebers the feeling and I was wondering if this might be one of these 'universal childhood memories' that everybody shares.

As you can gather from the posted panels so far, the Wormworld Saga starts with a longer car ride. I find these moments of transition very effective to begin a story. I love how "Spirited Away" and "My Neighbor Totoro" - these two masterworks of Hayao Miyazaki - start with car rides. It's in that spirit that I want my story to begin. A slow transition from a bright, loud and busy world to a place where wonder awaits.


  1. Hi Daniel,

    Been following your blog here for a few months now, found it via Project Waldo...

    Just wanted to pass on some kudos and say that I'm loving your work - cant wait for the final product.

    All the best


  2. I love that you're actually doing this, and doing so well at it. Your artwork and dedication to this project is truly inspiring. I share the same nostalgia for the days gone by, and I can't wait to read your story.

  3. Another candidate for a signed exemplar. Great feeling, that you are transporting. It's also my favorite one. :)

    I like the house at the horizon. I could behold the building for hours - it's so mysterious. But I like the sunset, too - reminds me of holidays... Very nice, as I already wrote.

  4. Daniel,

    I'm totally with you and the others. This is my absolute favorite panel at this point.

    I feel the spirit right in this moment. Your technic is great and I'm looking forward to the whole story!

  5. Thanks for your input and encouragement! I'm really looking forward to the moment when everything is ready for publishing.

  6. I have to agree with your words, I remember these times too. I'm still a child, but on my way to be an adult and I still love longer car rides with my parents. (especially when I can sit at the second seats in the car, listen music and just watch the view from the car. :))
    And that panel turned out beautiful, totally represents the feeling of the whole scene. I can understand your wife why is that her favourite panel. :)

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  8. Hey, Daniel!

    I've known about you since... tuesday, when one of my friends showed my your site, and I have to say, this is some pretty amazing stuff. Your're so talented, and your style is spectacular. I can't wait till the first chapter is done, and I'm so glad you're going through with this project.

  9. Als ich das Bild gesehn hab, hat er mir erstmal die Sprache verschlagen.
    Ich kann mich genauso an diese Zeit erinnern und die Stimmung hast du wundervoll wiedergegeben. Die Farben, die untergehende Sonne und das leicht abwesende bzw. verträumte in der Haltung der Jungen passen richtig gut.
    Da kann man sich echt drin wiederfinden!
    Mach bitte weiter so, das wird ein Meisterwerk...bitte!

    Mr. Nobody

  10. Beautiful, you really captured a feeling here.

  11. kann mich den anderen nur anschließen, das bild ist klasse, hast die stimmung richtig gut "gecaptured" ^^
    du machst richtig die fortschritte auf hohem niveau.
    ich mag's wie liebevoll du deine bilder malst, das schätze ich ja auch an den ghibli malern (insbesondere kazuo oga). weiter so! *thumb up*

  12. I have been flowing you few a few years and I am really excited about this project! It looks beautiful! This last update you posted rings true with me also and the way you wrote out the last bit is amazing, beautifully said, "A slow transition from a bright, loud and busy world to a place where wonder awaits.", wow....incredible, magically put!