Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome to the Wacomworld!

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from an  acquaintance at Wacom Europe. They needed an image for a product flyer for the Intuos 4 graphic tablet series and they needed it fast. Like "in fifteen minutes" fast.  From work I called my wife and explained her how to upload one of my illustrations to a server and the file arrived just in time.
A few weeks later I got a surprising email in which I was informed that the illustration was so well received that it now would be used in a big digital content creation marketing campaign. "Welcome to the Wormworld" is now featured in magazine and web ads and on the Wacom Europe website.

I'm really happy with the result. With it's dark borders and the sparkling colors in the center, the artwork nicely fits the dark design of the Intuos 4 graphic tablets and the new Cintiq 21UX.

To put this into perspective I have to say that I'm a long time partner of Wacom Europe. Our collaboration started in 2004, when I contacted the Wacom Europe marketing out of the blue and asked if they would like to support our german digital art web community at They liked the idea and since then are generous sponsors of our website and community conventions. Since last year I'm an official "Wacom Evangelist" which basically means that I'm promoting Wacom hardware and it's use and that I give input on new developments. Wacom Europe has gathered a colorful group of creative individuals for their evangelist programm. You can get some insight into the programm on the Wacom Evangelists Blog.

We had a holiday yesterday and today I'm also off from work so I'll make some good progress on the graphic novel. Milestone 2 is approaching and I'm planning to post some panel artwork in the next update.


  1. My favorite piece of yours is now public! wow! Im so happy for you and I expect more people admiring your works! :)
    I own a wacom intuos 4 but secretly want the cintiq.

  2. Saw that a while ago on the wacom page, congratulations on that.

    With your wire to wacom, tell them the intuos4 keys are to hard to press and dont give good feedback. Intuos 3 ones were better.


  3. I agree with Simon, they should be smoother to press =)
    Anyway, congrats for this Daniel!

  4. @ Simon & Melo:

    I have to agree with you that the feel of the Express Keys could be improved. However, my personal favorite for some improvement would be an adjustable pressure curve in the Wacom driver. We used to have that in Intuos 2 times and since Intuos 3 the pressure sensibility setting in the driver is reduced to a simple slider where I personally cannot find an ideal setting.

  5. Gratulation! Das Bild ist aber auch wirklich wunderschön :)