Saturday, December 5, 2009

My inner demons

During a longer phonecall my friend Igino discovered strange creatures in the header image of my website. With some swift brushstrokes he revealed my inner demons!

Or are they his? :)


  1. I found your webcomic page for WormWorld, and navigated here to say hello. I am the one who emailed you about being inspired to write a children's novel about your pictured protagonist. Due to some life events, my colleague and I haven't gotten through the whole story, but are picking up the mantle again in 2010.
    Your webcomic looks fantastic! I will bookmark the page to watch your story unfold. :)

  2. Wow your artwork never fails, to amaze me. It is just awe inspiring.
    I am Eddie-Joe Young, the other writer working on the novella, with Elsha Hawk about your Into the light painting. We are about fifteen thousands words into it,and have almost a complete plot map. My wife died in september and that kinda slowed us down but we are really pickin up speed now. If you would like to read the first few chapters, email me at and i'll send em to you. It is sooooo different from your comic that i am amazed at how one picture can inspire two totally different creations.