Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Quarter Million Reads! That's right!

Today I have the pleasure to announce the fact, that the first chapter of the Wormworld Saga was read 250.000 times. It has been online for 26 days now and to reach this number of readings in that timeframe is a huge success in my eyes. I have prepared a top 10 of the countries, the readers came from:

Just to make things clear: I'm talking about 250K reads instad of readers because I know that a lot of people might have read the first chapter two or three times. And everytime a reader shows the first chapter to a friend and loads it up, that counts as a read. However, for me the number of reads is a good metric because I know that every read causes awareness af some sort and if someone reads the Wormworld Saga 5 times I consider him to be a big fan. And a big fan counts for 5 casual readers anyway. ;)

So, what we can see is, that the U.S. clearely leads the top 10 which I very much expected to happen. The launch of the Wormworld Saga was clearly aimed at English speaking countries and it's also no wonder to find Canada and the UK on top of the list. The high position of Germany surprises me a bit but on the other hand there were some newspaper articles and also a radio program promoting the project here so that will most likely have caused the awareness of the Wormworld Saga in Germany.

And that leads me directly to another announcement! From now on, the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel is also available in a German translation! You simply access it from the Wormworld Saga Homepage

My goal for the next months is to see more dark green spots on that world map. Therefore I'm currently working on providing you the translations that fans of the project are already working on. Currently there are 7 languages in the works. If you also want to contribute to the project by translating the Wormworld Saga into your mother language, please have a look at the contribution page on and use the contact adress provided there.

The next translation will go online on Friday. It's a cool one!


  1. Glückwunsch...
    Jetzt schnell das nächste Kapitel :)

  2. Da musste ich es doch gleich noch mal auf Deutsch lesen ;)
    Ich bin übrigens eine der Mehrfachleserinnen. Die Bilder allein kann man sich immer wieder ansehen. Wunderschön!

  3. Bin auch Mehrfachklicker - wobei es ja schon reicht, kurz nochmal was nachschauen zu wollen.

    Zur deutschen Übersetzung:
    Etwas, das mir bei der englischen Fassung nicht gestört hat ... ich lese immoment viel, und empfand die Schrift mit den reinen Großbuchstaben als ungewohnt und entsprechend anstrengend(ist ja doch viel Text).

    Insbesondere ein Problem: Ich bin bestimmt 6 oder 7 mal bei dem "U" hängengeblieben z.B. beim Wort "MAUS", gerade wenn man etwas schneller liest stolpert man regelrecht darüber.
    Das liegt meines Erachtens an der zu kantigen atypischen Form.

    Nichtsdestotrotz - Super und vielen Dank für die Version! Jetzt kann es der Sophie nochmal präsentieren! (die mag zur Unterhaltung ungerne Englisch lesen)

  4. Congratulations!

    What languages are being worked on right now? I`m Dutch but there might as well be someone working on it already. :)


    Hab hierher verlinkt und empfehle dich weiter. Sogar meine Freundin ist begeistert und die hat mit Comics eher wenig im Sinn!

  6. Hey I really liked to read the first chapter of the saga. I expect to see more of them. I speak Portuguese so I can help with translations to my language. It should be a pleasure to do this work.
    Keep the good work =D

  7. Your first chapter is awesome! I'm so into this story. I was following you for a while on DA, your elaborated illustrations for long are in my fav folder. The one with the boy starring in front of the painting and the other with the gobelins... You said you were a storyteller and that is just so true! I'm already seeing what the character will live, all his adventure... Keep up the good work. It's just plain awesome!

    I added you in my "Inspiration" folder on my blogspot blog.

    Best regards

  8. Thank you all for your overwhelming response! I had a lot of emails in the last two days and I can't believe how many of you have offered to contribute to the Wormworld Saga by translating it. I already have translation offers for the following languages:

    Portuguese (Brazilian)

    It will take a lot of time to provide these versions but I'm trying my best to present the Wormworld Saga in as many languages as possible. I guess, this will really help to spread the word even further.

  9. Haha, I like you listed English as an upcoming translation.

  10. All the best from Serbia. Wormworld saga is so, so great :)

  11. I just wanted to say that a lot of your german traffic is surely coming from

  12. Daniel, I loved your Graphic Novel! I want to translate the Saga to Brazilian Portuguese. Yeah, I've read you already got this offer, but I'm a high-level Portuguese speaker and I have plenty of free time to do this. I'm gonna "spread the word" anyway. Thank you!