Thursday, March 24, 2011

The final week on

This has really been an exciting month so far. I'm very happy that I didn't have to wait till the very end of it to see the total funding goal of the Wormworld Saga App kickstarter campaign being reached. I can tell you, it's really unnerving to open your inbox every morning, hoping that you've come a bit closer to the goal and feeling constant anxiety that it just might not work out in the end. But that's over now and I can't tell you how relieved I feel. The Wormworld Saga App will become a reality and I can't wait to sit down and work on its creation. I really have the ambition to make this simply the best comic app you'll find out there. You provided the financial means and I will provide the hard work! It's a deal!

And, of course until 31st March you can still become a backer of the Wormworld Saga App on The tiny pledge amount of $5 will already grant your name a place in the Wormworld Saga App credits. Every print you'll receive as a reward through the kickstarter campaign will be a special limited edition print with an exclusive blue Wormseal stamp. But what I really want to point out to you is the fact, that for a $25 pledge you'll receive a hand signed 20x15cm print of "Treehouses & Skycastles".
It is the title image of and I'm going to use it as a title image in the app, too. This is my signature artwork, my version of dreamwork's fishing boy on the crescend moon, so to say. And the only way to receive a print of this image will be through the kickstarter campaign. I will never print it again ever!

During the next 7 days you'll still have the chance to get one!


  1. Hey,
    klasse, gratuliere auch zum Erfolg.
    Aber eigentlich auch sehr schade, dass Kickstarter nur Amazon als Bezahlmethode anbietet. Könnte mir vorstellen, dass es auch viele gibt die über flattr oder paypal Hilfe bieten würden.
    Aber das Ziel wurde ja erreicht. ;-)

  2. Super Daniel, Gratulation!!! Ich hoffe es haut für dich alles so hin!
    Wie wäre es denn mal mit nem Artbook zu deiner Wormworld Saga? Sicher, es ist nen digitales Comic, aber ich glaube so etwas fest in der Hand zu haben, da würden sich sicherlich auch einige Leute drüber freuen!!!!