Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Wormworld Saga Patreon Drive

I'm currently having a Patreon Drive to establish a baseline budget for the production of more Wormworld Saga chapters.


  1. two questions: isn't there any more updates on your blog? I occasionally look into it and there's nothing new so far - your blog and one or two others are my mini-sabbatical from my heavy load of work. Or in this case: have been :(
    Second: Does this Patreon-campaign mean, that the production of further chapters are stopped at the moment, until you earned enough to continue?

    1. I have shifted my efforts from the Blog to my Patreon Page. There I continue to write posts and due to the closed nature of Patreon I can write about much more sensitive topics. Concerning your second question: Patreon is not my only source of income associated with the Wormworld Saga. I have a few active license deals running but income from those sources is pretty unpredictable. The amount I receive from Patreon does not cover a lot of production days per month, but it's stable. Everything I manage to get from other sources I add on top and I work on new chapters as fast as I can.

    2. Okay, cool :) Just checked out your patreon page and found somewhat more to read :)

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