Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chapter 6, Milestone 3 reached!

I'm slowly fighting my way through the monster that is Chapter 6. Today I've reached the third milestone and effectively finished 60% of the total illustration work.

I knew in advance that it wouldn't be as much work as the last milestone but this segment of the story wasn't easy either. I don't spoil anything if I tell you that together with Raya and Jonas we will attend a public proclamation and that means that I had to paint ... a couple of people. No, in fact I had to paint TONS of people and that was a challenge on its very own. I came up with some nice workflow enhancements but still it was a lot of work.

I've spent 116 hours on this milestone. Together with the first two milestones we are at 464 hours now and this already is more than I've spent on the COMPLETE artwork of any other chapter. I know, I'm beginning to sound like a scratched record. Yes, Daniel, it's sooo much work. We get the point!

But I've got to tell at least SOMEBODY. Most people around me don't even understand what I'm doing all day long. My neighbours only see me bringing my son to the daycare in the mornings and taking him back at lunchtime. I keep telling them that I'm working on something that's published on the internet but I guess they think I'm unemployed anyway.

Ok, let's not go down that rathole. Instead, here's the preview image for this milestone:

Jonas and Raya join a public proclamation on the palace square
As always I'd like to point out that members of The Attic receive additional preview images. I've published 4 preview images now here on the blog and the social networks. The Attic members already have 11 preview images! If you'd like to give me a little bit of support, please consider to join The Attic for a mere 9€ per year. You'll get plenty of extra content as a reward!

In other news:

I'll be attending the International Comic-Salon in Erlangen next month. I'm going to sign books and draw into your sketchbooks and I'm going to speak in a bunch of panel discussions concerning self-publishing and webcomics. If you are there come to the Tokyopop booth or to the panels and say hello!

And there's another video training published by Video2Brain. This one is about drawing with simple geometric bodies and how to combine them to more complex forms. Again it's in German only.

You'll find more info about this training on the Video2Brain website where you'll also find some free preview clips.

Alright, that's it for now. Two more milestones to go! We're getting closer!


  1. Great news. Thanks for your hard work. My son and I are looking forward to the release.

  2. Hehehehe! I imagine: You are working your f...g ass off, and your neighbors think you are instead hanging around whole day watching TV and eating chips, and nonetheless trying to be a useful member of the family by at least bring your son there and back :D
    But Daniel, what a huge lump of work! Don't be afraid of telling again and again, how much work it is. People tend to forget, that being an illustrator is noch just making funny little sketches by acccident, then pressing a button and poof!, it's a great illustration ready for sale.

    1. Ha ha, it wouldn't be any fun if it was THAT easy! :)

  3. Sounds like you are getting there slowly but surely =) Found that fantastic comic work a few weeks ago and it is simply stunning. I am not into drawing at all. More photography, but I know when I see something special =) I am even tempted to try out some of you v2b trainings to get a little bit started with drawing/painting. Maybe I'll manage to attend the event in Erlangen. On which days are you there? And any days/talks/events to reccomend for someone who is more or less new to this comic drawing world?

    1. I will be there all four days but I'm going to leave early on Sunday. I don't know if the panels I'm involved in are interesting to you. They are about webcomic publishing. But there will be signing hours every day so there definitely will be an occasion to talk to each other.

  4. It's great to know that the work is in progress and the result will be a huge chapter to enjoy.
    I have a request: please update the news in to the android app too.

    1. Thanks for it, I usually check the app for updates

    2. Thanks to you for pointing me at it. The app is causing me problems at the moment and I kind of got out of the habit to double post me updates. I'll be more specific on this topic soon.